Check please!

Do you know how dangerous it can be to pay your bills – particularly in restaurants – where the waiter takes your card away to swipe it at the cashier?

Imagine this scenario, the waiter takes your card to the cashier. He then proceeds to write down the information on your card – name, number, expiry date and most importantly, those three digits at the back. He then swipes your card to pay the bill, then gives it back. Using that information, he can then pretend to be you and go and a major shopping spree online.

Yes! This has happened. Try google it if you don’t believe me. In worst case scenarios the culprit steals your whole identity and does scrupulous things. Scary isn’t it? We’re lucky its not really prevalent here in Malaysia or we would have to start looking for companies like lifelock.

I think the best course of action is avoid paying your restaurant check by credit card, use cash. That way you can both save yourself from debt and also the risk of having your identity stolen

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