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Cheesy Bites

I read that Su ann was wondering some time ago if the new pizza by Pizza Hut is nice or not. Well Im not really a big fan of Pizza Hut since i met my-first-pizza-love Dominos <3 but when we were at Genting, we decided to try out their new pizza.

The ad says “Pick it! Pull it! Pop it! Pull the fun out of your pizza. Put the fun back in your meals with 24-cheese bites made ready to pull. Pop in every bite filled with Parmesan, Mozzarella and Cheddar cheese topped with garlic sprinkles. The New Chessy Bites Pizza. A fun filled treat with any topping you pick.

We ordered Super Supreme – personally I dont quite like it coz i think it has an overdose of toppings, but im juz choosy – and the pizza looked like it was baked unevenly because one side was dark brown and the other side wasnt. Oh and you can hardly see the garlic sprinkle much less taste it.

Ok about the taste. I think its quite good actually. The cheese isn’t as dry as the Cheesy Crust one. I think the combo of three cheeses is great. Plus it looks like they did stuff em lil buggers with quite a lot of cheese – as you can see it oozing out in the pic. Cheese lovers (like Beb) would absolutely love it.

Generous toppings, loads of cheese, something unique and uber filling. We had the large and even I could hardly finish my 2nd piece. It was that filling.

Rating : 7/10
Oh and not to mention there’s this photo competition thingy where you have to take a picture of you enjoying urself or posing with the Cheesy Bites pizza and so of course we snapped a few pics for that. :D


I wana go for this but someone cant confirm back to me yet. There’s a room promotion which is really worth it but im still deciding on whether to go or not.


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