Choir singing

Its been ages since I’ve been online. Been busy going to uni early mornings (8 am bus) for choir pratices and coming back by the 6pm bus. Meaning im out of the house by 7.30 am and back home around 8 pm – EVERYDAY :(

The new yahoo messenger (version 7) came out a few days ago and i didnt even know about it. Joe decided to stop publishing his posts and I just found out. Delinn’s bday just passed and I can only wish her “HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!”. I log into my old chat room and no one even remembered me. I feel so out of touch.

But actually, life without the internet isnt as bad as i expected. Apparently im not a hard-core addict like I thought I was. I did a lot of reading. Re-read Angels & Demons and also the Illustrated version of Da Vinci Code. Read Princess, Desert Royal & Daughters of Arabia by jean sasson (i think). Also read The Interior by Lisa See. I need to get new books.

I had a lot of fun last week. The PM came to our uni on Thursday so we were busy practising for Choir singing 3 songs. Then when the big day came, we got our makeup and hair done at Headlines – LKW’s Hair Design Academy – for free. The downside was that we had to wait for so long before actually singing. So we were all dead tired by the end of it. Good thing uni was closed the next day coz of the haze.

Pictures are available here. I look a bit weird with my hair done up and makeup. My classmate did a double take when he saw me..ahaha!!

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