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cintan? manja?

Tgh borak2 ngan a close guy friend about the song “Dealova” and how much i loved the lyrics, the melody and the singer’s voice and suddenly he said,

M: u ni kan cintan jugak kan fi
coco: cintan?
M: cintan tuh maksudnya mcm romantik lah…..apa daaa
coco: hehe…takde la cintan sgt
M: huhuhu
coco: sometimes layan lagu2 jiwang…tapi jarang
M: tak jugak
M: u actualy mmg mcm tuh just nak cover jer :P
coco: u rasa i cintan ek?
M: ah ah
coco: y?
M: thats what I can feel
coco: hmm….

Then last night, i was voice chatting with a friend about web-building, surfing websites and generally talking HTML & CSS codes. Then suddenly out of the blue he said,

fren:Sore u manja lah
me:huh? that was out of the blue..
fren:Really …the way u talk and laugh
me:LOL! okay, I memang talk like this…


Cintan cintun?? Manja?? Oh tidakkk!!


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