Class cancelled yet again

My class this morning (11am – 12.30 pm) wuz cancelled again (!!!) coz my lecturer called in sick today. SOO frustrating, I had to go all the way to Puchong – Vista Milenium Condos then take a bus to Limkokwing in Cyberjaya for a class that was cancelled. Sad thing is, tomorrow Im having the same class tomorrow morning…or rather, later on (considering its 1 am now). So i hope it isnt cancelled today as its my only class.

I went to Midvalley to meet up with an old fren of mine Tues evening with my Sis. He’s here on holiday and also to meet his gf. I could never imagine him to hookup with someone and be romantic & loving…and when I see them together, he seems so loving and all. Somehow, i really felt juz a little bit jealous when i saw them happily together. Makes me think back of how many of my frens are attached already and how apart i start to feel from them. I mean, its not that I’m not happy for them, but sometimes couples (esp new ones) tend to ignore other ppl around them…and most of the time, its me. *sigh* :(

Oh well…cant change that I guess….

Oh yeah, I’ve moved into my sister’s room….the one 3 yrs younger than me (Gladys)….and still settling stuff in the room. Many ppl back in Miri (esp Rach) think im totally messy….BUT they havent seen Gladys yet….its a real dumpster….i had to clear up all the clothes lying on the floor, bed, chair and bookshelf and sweep d floor & air the room.

I also tried a really weird drink today….Soya Bean with peach flavour. Juz took a sip and hated it…eww!! When i drink Soya Bean i always think of Hasan. He’s this fren of mine in Curtin before who loved Soya Bean but would only drink Yeo’s brand….coz he claims the others are yukky. So we put him to the test….Lola & I bought like 4-5 different tins of it from different brand, poured it to seperate cups, hid d tins and asked him to choose the one from Yeos. He drank and drank and finally came up with 2 choices. He had to choose one. After comparing the results (we took pictures of the WHOLE process), he wuz wrong…and his other choice wuz correct. But the last 2 did taste d same…really! ehhe! Looks like even experts get it wrong huh??

PS : Thanks Joe for linking back to me :) Bila lagi nak post baru huh?

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