Classes classes…and also getting locked out

I’ve started my sem and its pretty tiring to get up early in the morning (well, 8.30 am is very early for me). Its not actually the time I have to get up, but the time spent travelling there. So far my mom’s been sending me to and fro to Cyberjaya but starting next month i’ll be taking the bus which leaves at Kelana Jaya at 8am and noon to CJ & leaves CJ at 3pm, 6pm & 7.30 pm back. As most of my classes start as 10 am and finish at 6 pm, I’d have to take the 8am bus there and the 7.30 pm bus back *cries*

…locked out…

after my mom picked me up from uni a few days ago (i think it was Monday) we picked my 2 sisters up and went to One U. My mom and my middle sis went down from the car to buy somethings and i followed soon after, leaving my youngest sis in the car. Bout half an hour later, we went back to the car and she was sleeping soundly with the radio on at full blast. We tried calling her hp (yes she has a hp at the tender age of 13), tried shaking the car, screaming, knocking the windows, ect ect. And still no response. We knew she was still alive because we could see her breathing. My mom kinda paniked and called my dad (who was waiting for us in Ikano) and he smgt walked down to 1U, partly coz my mom really sounded like she was about to get hysterical.

And what did i do? Well, to tell you the truth, Gladys (my middle sis) and I found the whole situation really funny and couldn’t stop laughing. So much so that my mom got so pissed off at us. Hehehe

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