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Club Mamak Hopping

Damn i overslept yesterday morning – probably coz of my long day the day before that. So tak jadi pegi class (ponteng lah :P). Some chatters ajak berbuka puasa at Restoran Kpg Pandan, kat Jln Yap Kwan Seng. Ingat ye kakak-kakak, adik-adik, abang-abang…Restoran Kpg Pandan bukan kat Kpg Pandan, tapi kat Jln YKS Afundi eL

I went to KLCC at around 5pm coz my mom went to pick my dad from there so I tumpang her (yay! takyah naik LRT). Went online from Starbucks, KLCC – eating cheesecake…sedapla..but the ones i make sedap-er. Then followed pokiah’s instructions to Kpg Pandan. Was starting to drizzle a bit.

Actually we order minuman at RKP coz one of my frens owedi bawa 10 keping murtabak frm Pasar Keramat (sedap sehingga menjilat ibu jari kaki). Watched other ppl eating like they were starving. Nasi bergunung-ganang, lauk melimpah-limpah, kuah tertumpah-tumpah, ayam/ikan bukan seketul diambil..tapi seekor-dua.

I kno la u lapar berpuasa. But takkan la buka puasa with so much food. Culture shock la wei…perut terus sakit, rasa nak berak menjejes-jejes. Yes, i know how it feels to puasa (i puasa penuh 2nd-6th day…just to see if i can..hehe!) but i dont eat as if i hvnt eaten for 5 yrs.

Did research for my assignment & conferencing with Laila Isabela & Afundi eL – ada wifi kat kedai mamak tu beb! :P chatting from a kedai mamak….class tul..haha! Smua pandang mcm pelik je.

Then met up with a few other ppl at Lotus Ampang. Duduk kejap, minum minum skit, pegi toilet. Pastu the ladies nak balik and the guys wanted to go lepak at TTDI, pasar. So ikut them to pasar, drink summore, makan abit…(nampak best je nasi lemak ayam, nyesal juga tak order)…laughed alot sbb someone went crazy on sleep deficiency.

Went back early..around 1 sumthing am. Borak skit with a friend, then kenot sleep, so write blog lah :P

I MISS THE INTERNET !!!! at least ada gak something to do if kenot tido :(

:: note ::
(1) saw my ** buddy cum close fren (in east msia) online on YM. chatted with him for a while, catch up, etc…i miss him a lot la :(( damn if he was staying in KL i wouldnt mind being his gf :P but i dont like long distance rship.
(2) my phone was switched off from yesterday so not sure if he tried to contact me. Biar him kelam kabut skit coz im uncontactable…muahahahhaha!! Siapa suruh merajuk when i pentingkan attending classes over meeting him.

:: p/s ::
eL: kasih ko sakit lagi ke? :P
bat: jadi tak buka puasa kat ur place?
sekinchan: nak makan murtabak lagi la :P

:: iklan ::
– siapa nak beli volvo, cari mamat ni
– siapa nak beli kuih raya, cari minah nie
– siapa nak enroll kat limkokwing, contact me..sbb they give RM500 if u introduce new students, we split it la…

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