CNY Aftermath

I had a really long 10 days of Chinese New Year holidays. The office was closed for a week during CNY and because its a public holiday on 2nd (Monday) is a public holiday in lieu of the Federal Territory day on Sunday, I only came to the office yesterday.

Ten glorious days of utter relaxation – lepaking in mamaks till 4am in the morning, waking up at 2pm everyday. We had a CNY dinner with my cousins families. I have around 3 cousins who are staying in Selangor so they brought along their spouse & kids. In total there were 5 little nieces and nephews running round and round. Finally manage to get they to sit still by bribing them with icecream and origami.

Now I’m back to work and there’s some projects to be finished :( My graphic designer resigned so I hope things wont get harder.

On another note, i got 2 (well 1 confirmed, one not confirm) job offers yesterday. We’ll see how it goes

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