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CNY Celebrations

I went to tanjung malim on CNY eve. First we had dinner at my house with just my immediate family. We had steamboat for dinner. Had lotsa food and it was nice because it’s been some time since we ate together as a family due to tuitions, work and school conflicts.

Left our house around 11 something and reached Tg Malim slightly past midnight. Had this vegetarian dish with tang hoon (something like mee hoon), black fungus, water chestnuts, foo chuk (beancurd sheets), mushrooms and other odds and ends. Kinda forgot to take a pic of it :P

Collected angpaus from relatives then got back here at 3am. Had to make cookies and such until around 4am. Finally ended up not sleeping :P

The other days were filled with staying at home, goin out to see people, sleeping over at friend’s houses. Until Saturday. Was at KLCC the whole day. Supposed to meet up with a friend who came down from terengganu about making a website for her, but what I did not know was that she invited a whole bunch of chatters I didnt know friends so ended up as a gathering.

Went back, and all the relatives were at the house because my mom organized a dinner at our place since my relatives have not been to our new house. We had roasted chicken, chicken cooked in ginger, mixed vege with abalone, pork talo (a Sarawakian dish a bit like masak kicap but nicer with some spices, serai and stuff, usually cooked with duck), rice and yong tau foo (stuffed tau foo & vege).

Took loads of pics with my cousins, most of which I only see once a year. Will post them up later.


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