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Cute Rubber Stamps


Remember those cute little rubber stamps? When I was younger I loved this so much! I insisted that my parents bought me this everytime we went to the kedai runcit (sundry shop). Its twelve square and cyclindrical sticks with various types of expressions and designs with a stamp at the end of the stick. It also comes with a small rectangle of notepad and an even smaller square of ink pad. I think I drove my parents crazying trying to mark every single paper with those stamps. Luckily for some reason I didn’t stamp our whole walls. Haha! Its hard to resist white walls and stamp in brightly colored smileys in red, yellow or green.

Then there was those times that I paid a visit to my dad’s office and he had all those rubber stamps with “Urgent”, “Paid”, “Priority”, “Approved”, “From the desk of.” all in different-different colours. Ah, those were the days. Now you can order your own pre-designed Rubber Stamps. Even with funny phases like, “WTF!?!”, “Who Cares?” and “Blah, blah, blah.” You can also use the coupon code Stamps50 for a discount of 50% on Small Rubber Stamps. Nice eh?

I think I wana get one saying “Approved by http://me.zestful.org

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