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Day 7 : Dream Wedding

I know many little girls dream of their wedding. Planning where, who, what to the most minuscule of details. I was never that type of girl. Unlike some of my friends, I did not have a perfect picture of a wedding in my mind, ready to just insert the face of the perfect person and then live happy ever after.

But I’ve been to my share of weddings – friends, relatives and strangers. And taking the best points from each and observing the pros and cons, I have a rough idea of what I want – though of course it really depends on: (1) if I *DO* eventually get married (2) where and most importantly (3) with whom.

I would like a wedding in a church. A big church where everyone will be invited to come. Then (as my mom is Chinese), back to the home for some tea ceremony where we would have to serve tea to my maternal uncles and aunties with them bestowing blessings and (hopefully big) ang paos.

gardenweddingideas (1)

Then at night, we would have dinner in a garden-type of setting. I’ve been to a number of garden weddings and there’s just something about a garden wedding that is romantic. Proper food – none of that fine dining stuff – and good wine. Of course the whiskey or two. And music, live music if possible, with piano playing love songs and instrumentals.

What can I say, perhaps I am actually a romantic in the deepest recesses of my heart.

* This is part of the 30 Things in 30 Days Challenge *

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