Dissapearing acts

I had this close friend. We would lepak with frens watching EPL till wee hours of the morning and he was the one who would always send me home. On the way back, we’d sometimes stop for another glass of nescafe tarik for him and teh tarik for me and thats when we’d have deep conversations. I’d ask his opinion on various things in my life, and we’d share my thoughts. I felt like he was the older brother I never had, someone I could look up to and I know that i could call at 3am if I ran into trouble (if he wasnt fast asleep that is).

He just suddenly vanished last year without a trace, without a word. I knew he’d done that before, but not to me and a few other friends. I lost a friend which i held very dear. Someone who I would say contributed significantly and positively in my ‘growing up’ process (which I’m still goin thru now of course). I accepted the fact he wanted to perhaps leave his old life and start over, so I closed that chapter of my friendship with him.

Today, pam ran into him. I bet she had a million questions on her lips (as I) but his only reason was that he wanted to change his life. He doesn’t stay up late and has got a rather good job now. For some reason I feel a bit hurt by that. Perhaps we (being younger, having all the time in the world, naive, immature and full of problems) pulled him down to a certain extent. Whatever it is, I respect his decision.

Poks, if u’re reading this (which i doubt coz I didnt tell much ppl about my blog address changing), may you succeed in all your future endevours :)

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  • Mr Moody Caressen

    peeps in our life come & go. as much as we do, they have their own reason. perhaps those lost will be re-united in futire. may him have a good life as well. am sure he has a good soul as well as a good reason for being away.

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