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dunno wat to write

so much has happened in the past few days that cramming them all into one post is too much. So this is a juz a brief review of what happened in the past 5 days.

Andre came from Miri the other day and for the past few days we’ve been going out with Siddiq, mostly to 1 Utama. But we did go to Midvalley with Pam once. But only for a few hours.

Besides that I’ve been having classes. And met a few new ppl…namely a gal & a guy from Brunei….Alexis & Akil….Kil is kinda okay looking…hehe…he has cool hair…he tied it up in a straight ponytail…no idea how to describe it.

Im thinking of bringing a cam to sch everyday now…its cool to see d diff hairstyles & clothes…hehe….dats wat u get for studying in a creative uni i guess…ehhehe

Anyway…apparently lotsa ppl are in KL now. Besides Andre, Heidi, Isla & Debbie are here. Icha, Resa & Fera coming on Sat. Hafiz is somewhere here on holiday…but no details bout dat. He did call me d other day to find out whose number it wuz..ehhe :P I wish he didnt dye his hair…it looks too freaky…but i actually havent seen it real life..only saw it in pictures. Hehehe!

Oh ya…Thurs & Fri i had to classes. Fri class cancelled. But this Sat i have class {Damn!}…however i might have plans that nite : ) hehehe :P

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