durian in the morning

Yes, i had durians for breakfast (12 seeds to be exact). Suddenly had the cravings for it. Mom brought like 10 fruits back from Tg Malim the other day, which made the whole place stink….but a yummy stink. I dont eat processed durians like dodol (something like fudge, but made of durian), durian icecream, durian sweets, durian cake, ect. The only thing i’ll eat is fresh durians or tempoyak (durian flesh mixed with salt – fried with ikan bilis and eaten with rice).

I went kareoke-ing for like the first time in almost 2 years last nite. It was fun, sang a number of songs, embaressed myself a few times, but it was fun nevertheless. And i never heard so many malay songs in one sitting. lol! Then we went to mamam at Lotus. Got back around 3 am or so.

Im home alone this weekend…supposed to go to penang over the weekend, but tak jadi. So my whole family is down in PD while im stuck at home. Tho i must say its fun to be home alone – coz it means i can walk around with my underwear (if not naked). And i can decide what to eat, when to eat and where i eat it. Cant organize an orgy tho..coz its that time of the month again {I can just imagine the eyes of the makciks (MA & gang) bulging out at the word “orgy”}

More info on durians here. Blogging got mentioned in the NST. Yeah they just had to tie in something political. As if we’re staging a virtual protest against the government online. Oh yeah Is brought me out for dinner at Chillies Thurs nite. Sorry I was feeling crappy…PMS la :P


I did the banner at put‘s blog and after this im doin iza‘s template…creative juices are flowing. And i also uploaded a new poem at Poemdance.blogspot.com. As you can see, i’ve changed my template…finally settled for this design. Like it?? Thrs also a new format for commenting but i kept all my old comments :D Pls comment on my new design yea ? :D


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