Earthquake tremors in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

30 Sep , 2009  

Did you feel tremors? Vibrations from the earth? Shaking in KL, KJ, PJ?

There was an earthquake of magnitude 7.9 at Southern Sumatra, Indonesia based on USGS website. Msian time is roughly UTC+8 hours

[Updated 7.13pm]
Tsunami Warning for Residents of Port Dickson and Penang frm Pacific Tsunami Warning Center –

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9 Responses

  1. Hayashi says:

    Yu Hua SMJ Kajang. Teacher run for life..

  2. Joe says:

    Hi! Yeah, we just had an experience of tremor in KL – around 6:20pm. Later I found out from the Web that it originated from Sumatra at magnitude 7.6. I was working in my office (Jln Bukit Bintang) and suddenly felt the 3 consecutive tremors. Felt dizzy so me and my colleagues quickly took the lift down from 17th floor. Hope no casualty.

  3. Jazmine says:

    oooh, now i know what i felt was not my imagination. haha! i was asleep and was awaken by the tremors.

  4. awas says:

    you should never take a lift in an earthquake ma

    no matter how tall is the building

  5. Lionel says:

    I was working on my PC yesterday in Nilai, when I suddenly felt myself move a little. I was amazed and tried to fathom it for a while but ignored it later until I found out that it was the consequence of an earthquake.

  6. somin says:

    i didnt feel any tremor because there are lots of construction. How lucky i was

  7. chae young says:

    how scary ! ahahahhahahaha

  8. logorithm says:

    Yeah I felt it. I was in my office on first floor, and I recorded it.

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