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End of the month

Well in my previous post I said i’d be screwed by my lecturer. Well good thing for me, he didn’t turn up for the meeting and thus i spoke to him over the phone. Nothing much to say, just apologized and promised to send my assignments on thurs (today!).

Was extremly tired on Tuesday evening coz i didnt sleep much on Monday night so I went to bed at around 10.30pm and woke up for a bit at 2am, then went back to sleep until 3pm. Yea yea, i know i sleep like a pig log. hihihihi! sorry for everyone who tried to call/sms/ym :P

Hmm..what else? Oh yea i had a bbq last Saturday but dont hv the pictures from Pammylicious yet. Sorry babe cant make it tomorrow night, am a bit rushed for time.

Im going to Seremban to attend Angah’s wedding I was forced to go if not she will come over to my house to whack me. Planning to go by komuter from Sg Buloh all the way to Seremban and stay with frens there. Then on Sat my abg angkat wants to teman me to her wedding scandal bizi ngan keja..takleh pegi. Unfortunatly i tak sempat to make my baju kurung so Im just goin to wear a spaghetti strap top & mini skirt blouse and jeans. Planning to go either tonite (if sempat) or Friday morning. Will have to see which works out better. Goin to come back on Sunday evening i think.

Hmm, what should i bring? Lappy (coz wana finish up work)+charger, hp chargers, change of clothes, 3g card (so that i can online :P), bluetooth (my lappy doesnt hv bluetooth) to transfer photos, assignment sheets (i hate doin em), medicine, toiletries. Thats it i guess :P I like to think that im a light traveller – tho that lappy is goin to be heavy.

Yea its almost 6am here and im struggling to finish that assignment due tomorrow. No sleep tonight for me i guess :P oh well, got time to rest later between classes at 12-4pm. Have a great weekend people :D


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