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Event : Hari Bintang Jatuh Schedule

The Hari Bintang Jatuh event is THIS SATURDAY!! Whee~

For you guys in the dark, its a day to come and get entertained by acoustic songmasters/mistresses, listen to poetry recitals and shop, shop, SHOP at the bazaar :D For more info, click here.

Anyway, this is the lineup for this Saturday. See you guys there!

12.00pm – INTRO
12.30pm – The Siblings
1.00pm – Shaira Amira
1.15pm – Captain G
1.45pm – Ray & Ash
2.15pm – Dianne Dayanna
2.30pm – The Fridays
3.00pm – Apple Juice
3.30pm – Wak Dol
3.45pm – Rashdan Harith
4.15pm – Rendra Zawawi
4.45pm – Ashraf Ishak
5.00pm – Ana Raffali
5.30pm – Liyana Fizi
6.00pm – Nona Cici Suleiman
6.15pm – Azmyl Yunor
7.00pm – BREAK
8.00pm – Rina S.
8.30pm – Zahiril Adzim
8.45pm – From Cadillac To Geisha
9.15pm – Bintang Batu
9.45pm – Fynn Jamal

I can’t wait! See you there!


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