Of expensive tops @ British India

On thurs night I was kinda feeling tired and cranky. I took the 8am bus to uni only to find out at 9.45am that the 9.30 class was cancelled. And I actually didnt sleep the night before because I couldn’t shut my eyes. Worst part was, the next class was at 4pm.

Spent the whole day basically lepaking and sleeping resting in the Library with Natalie and Aree. Luckily I brought the laptop, it was the only thing that kept me sane and not bored out of my skull.

Then at the next class, the lecturer was late for almost 20 mins, THEN he finished just 30 mins after my 6.00 pm bus which means I had to wait till 7.30pm for the last and only bus back home. Crappy day!

So one of the easiest remedy for a crappy day is…….not makan good foodtho sometimes it helps……..RETAIL THERAPY!! Yey! M picked me up after I got back home from Kelana Jaya and we hit the shops!

First stop, Ms Read (because Bilal said got plus size clothes there). He didnt quite like it because the material was so basic-“its just cotton and cheap looking” and I didnt quite like it because it was too office-wear like. Zara was too small, Parkson didnt have an interesting selection. OU was kinda closing, we only got there at around 9 something pm :( so I said, ok one last stop – British India.

First I saw this really nice black top…..looked closer – 100% silk..whoa must be pricy…..Looked even closer and….*fainted* it was RM600++++ (note the extra +). Next!
Then i tried of this linen green top, really nice, but slightly snug no, not tight, SNUG and it had some lacy2 thingy down the front which shows the fair skin of my perut. Rm300++ *breaths in and out* for something which doesnt fit me perfectly? Nevermind lah, dont want.

Ahh then I saw this really slinky black top with “batman-ish” sleeves, so sexy :P It has this slit at the back (have to wear a black bra with this) and it’ll look soo nice clubbing. He said it looks nice. Tried it on and it fits. Price was lower then the previous two. Asked if i should get it because it was over my budget and he said, “take it la, its nice. I’ll pay for it” YEY! Muahhh!!

baju.jpgMy new baju from British India ;)

Oh, call me sakai or whatever, but the salesman at British India was so nice (i forgot his name unfortunatly) and very polite. At first it felt janggal to have a guy attend to me because Im really self concious about buying clothes because its hard for me to get the sizes I want. And it was weird having someone so nicely attending to you that you dont even hv to lift a finger :P (and he was kinda cute too). Sakai me, never been to an expensive boutique..hehe


On a sadder note, the screws for my specs loosened and so it seperated. Now i have to go look for that itsy bitsy screwdriver :(



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