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February Fun!

* warning – long post *

:: Piknik at Sg Gabai ::

I’ve been goin on a few picnics recently (and not so recently). On the first of Feb, I had a picnic at Sg Gabai Waterfall (somewhere on the Semenyih-Kajang Road – dont ask me where exactly, i only tumpang org :P) We met up at Ampang Park and then berkonvoi there. We were there sometime in the afternoon and went up the steepest, highest flight of stairs I have seen a long long while.

We brought a bunch of snacks. Well actually the other girls brought a bunch of snacks – keropok and kacang and more keropok. I just brought a big bottle of air kosong. LOL! We walked climbed all the way up, and huffed and puffed all the way. Not me only k? The kurus2 ones also had difficulty goin up. So nice of krlanz to temankan me at the end of the queue as I took lots of pit stops.

The water was fantasically cold. Brrr…We took pictures at the waterfall of course and shampoo-ed our hair and played with the water for a few hours. Then we continued walking down and sniggering at those who were huffing and puffing their way up, changed then went to makan.

Thx to Faiz@Bact for letting me tumpang his car and also offering to send me all the way home to damansara even tho he stays in Ampang. But i took the lrt back home coz my house is out of the way for him. Thx to krlanz for being so caring..hihihi! All in all it was such great fun! :D

:: Sugar – 2nd Feb ::

I havent been out clubbing cut down a lot compared to end of last year so on the 2nd it was my first time goin out clubbing for this year :) I managed to not club/drink for a month, hehe so proud of myself compared to clubbing at least twice a week in Nov/Dec. Pam, Aree, Jazzy, Aymen, Gladz and myself decided to go to Sugar on friday because we like DJ Fuzz spinning there. I met up with Along (from Kluang) who happened to be in town for the weekend who i havent met for almost half a year. We had lots of fun dancing and meeting new people.

:: Pammy’s 22nd Birthday ::

Pam’s birthday was on the 4th of Feb so we celebrated it at Al-Rawsha, Ampang (i must do a review on it on day) – a bungalow-converted-restaurant which serves superb Arabic food (try their Al-rawsha mixed grill and hummus) and shisha (i love the *special* grape) with a bunch of close friends. Had lots of fun laughing, talking, shisha-ing and eating.

After that we continued at Aloha for dancing and drinks. May the year ahead be a great one for you Pam! :D

:: Twitter ::

Im not sure if u guys noticed that I’ve added a Twitter badge on the right side of my blog. Its a service where I can text in updates of what im doing, anytime, anywhere. Finally got it up and working today :D Enjoy reading! :D

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