Money Matters

Financing my Education

Do you know how expensive education is nowadays? My current semester tuition fees are about RM7,000 and that doesn’t include books which cost around RM80 per book. I have 4 subjects that require text books so the total adds up to RM 7,320 per semester, equivalent to RM14,000 a year. Include transport, stationary, food and other miscellaneous stuff, it can cost up to RM16000 a year. Thats quite a lot, and only for one child. I’m currently under the PTPTN loan which helps in financing my education, but unfortunately would take me years to repay back.

However, there is a place to get Cheap loans, not only for student loans but also Personal Loans and secured loans. This website allows all students who start up in college or university to apply for a student loan, which can be anywhere up to a maximum of £5,175 for every year that they stay in education.

I’m sure the loan offered will be more than enough to pay for my studies. So there’s one huge burden of my parent’s chests and one less worry for me so that I can concentrate on my studies.

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