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Five most expensive Valentine’s Day Bouquets

Recently I wrote a post about an online florist, then I realized that the bouquets of flowers during this Valentine’s Day season is so extravagantly expensive! Prices all start from at least RM60 and thats only for like 4-5 stalks of flowers. So I decided to write a post about FIVE most expensive Valentine’s Day bouquets that you can buy and order online. These are hand bouquets and consists of only flowers – meaning it doesn’t include other things like fruits or teddy bears or chocolates. (this is not sponsored)

5. Hand Bouquets from

Pure seed actually has a few bouquets that fall within the same range. Actually compared to the other online florists I’m going to list down, they offer really good prices for their bouquets – especially their Valentine’s 2008 Collection.

Damage : RM350 per bouquet

4. Eternal Love from

Product Description: 50 stalks of gorgeous red roses with baby’s breath. Listed price not applicable for Valentine’s Day from 8th Feb till 15th Feb. Please call or email us for Valentine’s Day price.

So I’m assuming that their Valentine’s Day prices are more expensive than the one they listed. Smart marketing move – put a price then add in small font that the price is actually different for VDay.

Damage: RM450 or more

3. VHB01 I Love You from

Description : The most romantic way to say ‘I love you’ this Valentine’s Day. Blissful red and white/champagne roses finished off with berries and classic wrapping. Show your Valentine what love means to you.

I kinda like this one. Classic and deep red roses. Nice

Damage : RM 699 for 99 stalks (there are cheaper versions)

2. VS0002 from

Not much of a description for this product but from what I can see is that its roses with some berries. 99 stalks of roses

Damage : RM750

1. My Love from

Description : Express your love with Red / Pink / White Roses with fillers, foliages and ribbons. Very romantic for your loved ones! Please order at least THREE working days earlier. A FREE 8” Brown / Cream Love Bear is included+Voice Message CD

This is the MOST EXPENSIVE flower hand bouquet you can buy and order online in Malaysia. It has 101, yes one hundred and one roses.

Damage : RM890

The lengths that some guys would go to for the love of their lives. Girls, now aren’t you glad that you’re not the one who has to send flowers? I know I am glad :P hihi!

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  • Khai

    oh tidak! mahalnyee… membazir gilor… kasi yang murah2 pun, kalau si dia dah sayangkan kita, dia tetap hargai jugak…

    dari beli bunga mahal2 yang akan layu, belilah coklat yang akan jadi darah daging dia.. hehe…..

  • Edrei

    See, this is why I never regretted spending days trying to get the origami rose right. Hand made, inexpensive and delivers the same message.

    Plus…like my love, it’s hard for a paper rose to die. :)

  • iziana

    we’re lucky to be woman kn?

    btw reading ur previous post
    i baru tau ur 1/2 chinese
    so happy chinese new year
    my mum pon chinese
    but my dad malay :D

  • IcedNyior

    Aww…how sweet. I wish someone would do that for me. I saw some really nice papercraft flowers in the canon website

    tuler..hehehe :P

    cinta itu buta…hehe

  • amys_special

    I really like yang punye tu. Kalau lah my b/f bagi mesti I sayang dia lebih lebih lagi…

    sebenarnya bunga tu boleh keringkan dan simpan jadi jambangan bunge kering…pas tu letak aromaterapi oil…boleh tenung hari-hari…

  • IcedNyior

    I tgh keringkan roses yg dier bagi tu. gantung terbalik sampai dier betul2 kering then nak letak dlm vase cantik. Nie first time i dpt bunda dari laki so nak simpan bebaik

  • Alex@florist in kl (60%)

    I loved your collection of all the expensive Valentine’s Day Bouquets. All of them are so beautiful & extraordinary. Eventhough the price is on the higher side but gifts for Valentine’s Day should always be special and it comes only once a year:) The eternal love from is simply out of this world.

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