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I got tagged by emptyspace to do this Five things tag. I think its the first time he has tagged me (betul tak?)

5 things found in my bag:

  • Wallet – my mom gave me this a year back, its a bit big, but i like it
  • House keys – with a 1gb Kingston thumbdrive
  • Lip balm – Body Shop Satsuma Shimmer
  • SE k800i for my main 012 num (not in picture) and Nokia 6610i for my 019 num
  • Comb – coz i like to comb my hair

5 things found in my wallet

  • Cards – Student card, debit/credit cards,ATM cards, IC, driving license
  • LUCT Bus Pass – Kelana Jaya to Cyberjaya
  • Money – ‘its all about the money…its all about the dum dum da da da dum’
  • Scraps of paper – mostly receipts, bank statements, chewing gum wrappers – all sampah la actually
  • Durex condom – I cant quite rmbr how this got in my wallet, I think my fren put it in saying “always practise safe sex.” LOL!

5 favorite things in my room:

  • My computer – most precious possession i have
  • My bantal peluk – cant sleep without it. If it terjatuh i actually get up in the middle of my sleep and look for it
  • My comforter – Soft and fluffy
  • Perfumes – DKNY “Be Delicious” (one my fave scents) EDP, Victoria’s Secret “Sweet Temptation” silkening body splash, Davidoff Cool Water for women
  • My books – I’ve read all the books I have in my collection at least twice. I need ppl to buy me more books!

5 things i’ve always wanted to do:

  • Get my PADI license – thats for diving
  • Watch a movie alone
  • Get a tattoo
  • Go on a road trip and visit every state in Semenanjung (I covered East Msia already)
  • Travel with friends <—to be accomplished in 2008 Phuket Trip

5 things im currently into:

  • Photography – learning to take good photos and snapping frozen moments of my life
  • Blogging – I make it a point to update my blog at least once in two days
  • Learning to spend wisely – there’s lots of things im planning to do, but first i’d need moolah so that means need to learn to be frugal and save up money
  • Papercrafts – making models out of paper. I’ve been working on this complicated model of a motorcycle for the past 3 months
  • erm…my final project? Oh so lame…but seriously bizi working on it

5 people im going to tag:

  • Pammy Wammy –
  • Gradis –
  • Pakngah –
  • Sankai –
  • KaoriChan –


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