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Football Fever @ Mt Kiara

Yesterday pam and I went to Starbucks (again!) to go online. I think its been like 3-4 days straight that I’ve been there with either her or Poker or both. Damn streamyx at home is still down.

After that we decided to go to Mt Kiara to watch football [England vs Paraguay]. Met up with Nick there. There had a big screen set up and loads of tables and chairs (but felt kinda weird coz we cant order Teh O Ais even tho we were in a mamak-like setting). We had nuggets and ice-cream at halftime. Thanks Nick for the eats :D

After that we continued on to Mosin, TTDI (where else?) to meet up with poks & arip to borak2 and watch the next game [Trinidad & Tobego vs Sweden]. Pam and I were laughing about if Sweden won, we’d go to IKEA because there’s a 10% discount or something like that. Wasnt really concentrating on the game, half talking and half watching. And watching other ppl.

After that, Pam was saying nak balik awal but she got stuck once the Ivory Coast vs Argentina game started. The beginning was a bit slow but the game quickly picked up pace. Ivory Coast did a good job, considering its their first entry. Argentina slacked on the 2nd half. But it was a fun game. (Dont want to comment too much coz later ppl bising coz i dont know the game well *nudge nudge*).

Something really funny happened that night tho. There was this gal who was wearing low-rise-i-can-see-an-inch-of-your-butt-jeans with a tight, pau chung (ko chung or chang? The chinese pulut yg is like a triangle) top with her boobies spilling out. I think she juz got back from clubbing.

She was like walking with a really exaggerated swing out of the kedai mamak, very tonggek and kinda looked weird coz mcm terkedek2 jalan with her high heels. Oh, she also had this proud-bitchy-i-think-im-uber-sexy-so-dont-hate-me look.

She glanced at our table as she walked past and I heard a loud Thud and my (very mean) first thought was “Padan muka!”. But of course I didnt say anything and didnt even look. But all of us had a really good laugh about it afterwards.

Football fever has hit all of us, im juz lucky it started after my exams. hehe~! Have a great week people :D

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