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Dear friend,

Remember when we promised to be honest? To just tell each other when we disliked something about the other? Well, i hope that you remember that promise. I contemplated to just ignore the issue, but i felt that I would just be bottling up my feelings and it would be destructive. I decided to confront you face to face – not now, but soon.

I disliked it when you apparently tried to embaress me in front of friends. Probably you didnt realize it, but i felt like you were trying to embaress me by bringing telling or showing certain things.
I decided not to confront you there and then because it would have been rude. I decided not to confront you the next day because I knew you were stressed out and busy.

– Your best friend.

Dear friend,

Im glad that you remembered our promise made when we were barely teenagers. Im glad that you were understanding and that you saw the issue very clearly from my point of view. I accept your apology.

I hope that if anything i did or will ever do offends you, you would be upfront about it. Im glad that nothing will every come in between our friendship :D

– Forever friends.

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