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Gawai Open House

Went to the National Level Gawai Open Hse at Miri City Fan yesterday….there were SO MANY ppl…..managed to sneak backstage and saw the Senario guys in person and also Erra Fazira (no, Yusry wasnt there) and Vince. Hanged around for a while and got Erra’s and 2 Senario guys (not sure of their names) autographs and left.

Went to eat dinner then L & i went to CB to play pool n check out d new band. There wuz so many ppl, as usual. Okay..bout the new band…the music is okay…but the singers dont know the lyrics well, and the pronounciation isnt that good. Also, they arent very professional when performing, still chit chatting while on stage. Lots of room for improvement.

Managed to watch the Euro football. Portugal vs Greece and Spain vs Russia. Watched the first game,¬†Greece won (2-1) though i missed the goal from greece. Only managed to watch the 1st half and last 20 mins of the 2nd game. I missed the goal from Spain…noo!! but luckily they won…yippie~!!! { }

After the game wuz over, L & i were thirsty so went to drink at a coffeeshop chitchat till 6.30 am then we took a bus back. So tired…..sleepy….but it wuz fun :) Tho i didnt get to play as much pool as I’d like. Oh yeah…and i ate dim sum for breakfast today…yummy~!!

Well, im off to sleep….good nite…or rather gud morning~!

– Fi

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