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Ghetto Heaven @ Zouk KL

Thursdays nights are Ghetto Heaven nights at Zouk KL. And also ladies night. Meaning to say there are no entrance fee for ladies and they play R&B songs all night.

On Thurs, i slept over at a few friends’ place coz we planned to go to Zouk. Went there in the afternoon and lepak lepak around. Den around 9 sumthing we got ready (supposed to leave at 10.30pm). Sempat curl my hair. LOL! :P Took a taxi thr and reached just before midnite eventually (we left late) and went it.

My first impression is that it’s smoky. I mean I kno clubs are full of smoke but this was kinda overdosed. I walked in and i was hit by a cloud of smoke & my eyes started watering…but after a while i adjusted and all was fine. Then i realized that it was SO packed {but i’ve been in worst clubs – kenot even walk around at that point} and no space to sit around.

Music was good, lotsa ppl…but not enough guys…ehhe…so tak sempat bercuci mata dat nite :( Hehe! Nvm la…..

Oh yeah….alcohol in KL is expensive!! Drank 1 cup of chivas (wif juz ice)…..RM21.50!!… Miri only RM13-16 {if im not mistaken – correct or not Littak?}. Hmm…..cant afford to drink here i guess, unless some ppl buys me drinks. LOL!

Oh yeah 2 guys bought a fren & I Johnnie walker+coke (they open 2 bottles owedi). She didnt drink, so i took both den we thanked them and went off. They’re too old la….d*mn! prolly juz slightly younger than my father. So we cabut away from em fast fast. LOL!!

So we berabis dance till like 3 am…wuah so tiring. {Lola: bena cakap ko, lepas lama dah cuti, sik larat gik mok tahan lama-lama} …..yeahla wat to do kan? Den while we were hanging outside waitin for a taxi, we met some guys from Sunway and talk talk abit lorr….

One of our frens was so talkative in the taxi, commenting that the taxi driver is very young la, ask his age (he’s 29) den she gave him a mini motivational talk, saying he got so much potential and why is he driving taxis when he has a whole bright future…blah blah….poor taxi driver. LOL!

Got back at around 4 am, only slept around 6-7 am. Woke up at 10 am coz i was supposed to go back at noon. So tired!!

Ok, i got pics, but my frens dont want their faces to be seen in public…so all also covered with Question Marks ehehhe

Me & a friend before makeup/hairdo :P {My green eyes obvious kan? kan?}

In the taxi on the way {yeahla, i dont have my own transport yet}

Outside Zouk with another friend.
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  • Anonymous

    salam sejahtera

    pandai2x enjoy, pandai2xlah bawa diri.
    kalau dressing mcm tu, jgn ambil taxi waktu mlm seorg diri. driver taxi lelaki nampak baik mcm manapun bukan blh percaya, jantan tetap jantan! entah nnt ke mana2x dia bawa hang p?

    Coco yg comel, jaga diri baik2x.

    Kak Pah.

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