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GoDaddy Coupon for Cheap USD 1.99 Domain

Yeap, you read that right. Only USD 1.99 for a Top Level Domain (TLD) which includes .com, .net and .org which is around MYR 7+. Cheap yea? Now’s the time to buy a domain for that blogspot, or freewebs address :P

    But as with everything else, there is a catch – a few terms & conditions:

  • No private registration. The price does not include private registration. So unless you want to show your name, address and phone number like syuxx (even tho you put a false name), then you need to pay and additional USD8.99. Grand total = USD 11++ = RM37.40
  • Usable once – You can only use the coupon code once
  • Free Hosting10GB diskspace/300GB Bandwidth. The domains come with free hosting which u have to associate to your domain – cant point to other domains bought outside godaddy or domains that oredi hv a hosting associated with them. Click the image below to see a bigger pic
  • HOWEVER, The Free hosting has ads on the top of the page. Text ads, and quite big too -_-

Nevertheless, for RM40, you get a domain and also about 10gb of space which you can use to store other stuff like your projects or files or test out scripts and designs. The possibilities are endless. Not to mention that this is an overseas and very reliable hosting.

Head over to, key in the domain name you want to buy. Just before you checkout, put in this code [code]199TEST[/code]. Enjoy!


  • syuxx

    never try to use that godaddy hosting before.
    because through what i read from the need, godaddy hosting server are really crowded and busy.
    Jadi, takut mok cubalah. Haha.
    Just buy the domain get other local web hosting.
    not really hi-cost lah.

    p/s: i was really regret to not include prvt registaration during my first ever domain bought. Now, all those information are in the WHOIS. Was a noob during that time. Haha.

  • Bell Cousins

    Since you are talking about go daddy, I’ll also list a couple of recent discoveries for Godaddy promo codes. I am a Video Production Assistant, and these codes come in very handy when purchasing or renewing a domain. Use Godaddy promo code ZINE3 for $7.49 .com domains and renewals. I save about $25 every time I purchase domains from When I buy at least 5 domains, I also get free private registration when I use ZINE3. For other Godaddy coupons, use ZINE1 for 10% off, ZINE2 for $5 off any $30+ purchase, and ZINE25 for $25 off any purchase of $100 or more, like hosting plans. These promo codes are current, working, and do not expire. I hope these promo codes save as much money for the other readers as they have for my co-workers and I. Have a good day!
    -Bell from Creal Springs, IL.

  • Peter

    Cool. Promo codes $0.99 + ICANN $0.18 = $1.17 ( new register )
    Coupon Code: BUYCOM99 6.99 new .com domain, but doesn’t work for renewals.
    Coupon Code: goaz006p

  • Kristopher Kossmann

    Godaddy coupons news. Several of the current Go Daddy coupon codes are not valid. These are official coupons that are activated. These promo codes will save you money thru 2010 and 2011.
    .COM Domain Names or Manual Renewals for just $7.49 – Use Godaddy coupons ZINE10, GOO3, or OK9.
    25% discount on orders of $100+ – Use Godaddy coupon code OK25.
    30% Discount when you buy any com domain – Use Godaddy coupon OK30.
    $12.99 SSL Certificates – Use coupon codes GOOSSL, OKSSL, or ZINESSL.
    Host Plan Promo Code – 20% Hosting Discount – Use Godaddy promo codes OK20H, ZINE20H1 or GOO20H.
    10% off any size order – Use Godaddy coupons OK7, GOO1 or ZINE8.
    $5 Off $30 or More – Use coupons GOO2 or ZINE9.
    20% Off Any order of $50 or more – Use Go Daddy coupon code OK8.

  • Kelly

    Hi. I have been hosting sites with godaddy for a long time and really want to encourage everyone to try godaddy hosting before trying ani ather host. With them you have 30days money back guarantee so you you dont like them you can always take your money back. They have 24/7 suppor so every time when i need helt they are here to help. You you are planing to purchase anything from Godaddy you should use godaddy coupon so you can get lower price.

    Greetings ….

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