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Going Down Under

The best family outing I had was to Australia. We started off with a day trip in Brisbane before staying in our hotel in Gold Coast. What I really enjoyed was all the theme parks! We went to Wet and Wild, Dreamworld and Warner Bros MovieWorld. Dreamworld had all those rollercoasters and rides. We tried all of the rides, except one which looked too scary. But Movie World was really interesting with all the behind the scenes stuff on how they produced their movies.

But I think none of the theme parks in Australia could rival the ones in the US. I for one would love to go visit LA. There are a lot of things to do in Los Angeles. For starters, we could go to Universal Studios Hollywood. Then perhaps take a trip to Disneyland. After visiting all the nearby theme parks, then I’d go for sightseeing tours around LA visiting berry farms, Palm Springs and so many more places.

There’s a lot of websites that you can visit to get more information about where to go when you feel like having a holiday. And its not limited only to activities in Los Angeles but also tells you the Things to do in Boston or New York or even Orlando.

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