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Hah? You Got No Astro?!?

Typing out Tuesday’s post in Starbucks Pavilion. I still want a STARBUCKS BEAR!

My friend said I should write a list of the (unique) things that I don’t have. Actually it started of with a conversation about astro then he actually took a piece of paper and started ‘interviewing’ me and took notes. Below is the result of his scribbles from a small plain white notepad jotted down with pencil:

  • No cuping telinga – Means that the bottom of my ears are not separated from my head. LOL! I forgot what’s the english term for it. Something like my earlobe is stuck to the side of my head. Sounds utterly weird tho.
  • No Cats – I’ve never kept cats before as pets. Dogs yes. Rabbits yes. Hamsters yes. But no cats. This is due to the fact that I used to have really bad asthma and my sister has eczema and is so her skin is very sensitive to all these furry stuff.
  • No tattoo – Well, at least not yet
  • No game console – I have no PS1 (do people even play this now?), PS2, PS3, PSP, XBox or Wii in my house. I do have a TV.
  • No DVD/VCD Player – My parents never bought a DVD player. We used to have a VCD & VHS (those bulky black tapes) player but now it doesn’t work. Who uses VCD & VHS nowadays anyway.
  • No astro – So many people have found this hard to believe but yes, i DO NOT have Astro at home. And Im currently staying in my parents house, not a rumah sewa. No ESPN, No Discovery, No AFN, No WahLaiToi, No Starmovies, No MTV and the list goes on and on. Never had before and never will I think. So usually when friends talk about a certain tv show/programme, i usually just keep quiet lor.

Come to think of it, besides our 2 PCs and 2 Laptops, my house is void of entertainment. Haha! We’re a bunch of internet addicts at home I guess.



I got my Chinese New Year baju already at Jusco Sunway today.

Doesn’t it look utterly sweet? Red buttoned up top with a tie at the waist. Not too sexy tho, coz I’m going back to my grandma’s house for CNY dinner on the 6th night.

Damage : RM50


The person right before our eyes can sometimes be the person that is totally out of our reach. *sigh*

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  • Khai

    surat di bawah cukup bukti kenapa kita x patut langsung masuk astro.. ala nak nengok astro, gi mamak lor…

    Rohana Rozhan Chief Executive Officer Astro – Malaysia and Brunei

    Dear Cik Rohana, I became a loyal Astro subscriber 5 years after you joined Astro. It’s been Astro’s profitable venture my 7 years worth of subscription fees. I was particularly displeased when Astro increase the fees by RM5 not too long ago and the wound has hardly healed when your lovely letter dated 3 May 2007 greeted me. Needless to say I was incensed by the brevity of the letter stating that wef from June 2007, my subscription of RM64.95 will be increased to RM74.95. Cik Rohana, I am sure you and your esteemed colleagues have weighed down the issue and for sure you are aware of the potential backlash at this recent development. Excuses like the rising cost of programming is total hogwash as nowadays even Astro’s programming is crammed choc-a-bloc with advertisements! That’s revenue to you am I right to assume? Then what differentiates Astro from terrestrial TV channels like TV3 and the likes which are FREE. When I first subscribe to Astro, I noticed the advertisements were non-existent but that is not the case nowadays. When it was announced that Astro is bringing in additional channels for free from May onwards, many like me await the news of the potential costs of these so called FREE channels will bring. Well, we didn’t have to wait long. Cik Rohana, as we progressed, we became more learned and when we are more learned, we became more critical. So please dispense with trying to mask the costs increase with these lame excuses. I for one did not ask for these additional channels and would gladly do away with these additional 9 channels if it means my present subscription amount of RM64.95 can be maintained. After all with the exception of the Discovery channels, the rest are TRASH. My critical thinking is that funds are needed to take Maxis private and where to be my cash cow. Voila the two million of so ill informed and mistreated subscribers of Astro. Let’s do the simple math – 2 million times RM10 equals RM20 million a month. Not too bad huh! We all hope with the migration to Measat 3 comes the end of regular weather interruptions. So far that is not the case. We are living in a high humidity location and with high humidity, come heavy clouds cover. And when it rains, when my 2 year old son could not go out and play, when he wants to watch his Out of the Box or Barney shows, he is greeted with nothing but blank screen as “Services Are Currently Unavailable”. When we are late in paying our subscription fees, we are penalized? Can I penalize Astro for not being able to deliver what I paid for in the first place due to the persistent weather interruptions? And seriously Cik Rohana, I believe even you are fed up with the constant repeats that we are given on Astro channels. While we appreciate repeats but too much is overkill, don’t you think? You know, I would very much like to have a cup of coffee with you to discuss my grievances with Astro. Don’t worry, the coffee is on me. Would not want it the other way around lest we subscribers are given a few more FREE channels and slapped with another increase! Your only real competition is a joke. I’ve yet to know anyone who subscribed to MITV. It is my fervent wish that the monopoly Astro has enjoyed thus far comes to an end. Then we’ll see what a bit of real competition will do. As it currently stands, the 2 million or so subscribers are at the mercy of corporate vultures that govern the greedy conglomerate called Astro. I am truly sorry for the name calling and all but I need you to understand the frustrations of the subscribers who are at your mercy. Like I said, I would gladly do away with the 9 so called FREE channels if it means I can maintain my present subscription. Can you in your divine executive power see to that? Before I end, I must let you the service standards of the call centre are appalling. I called the toll free no and spoke with Ms Diviya. First she was hurried and unsure of herself and needless to say totally unhelpful, and when I asked to speak to a supervisor, she put down the phone without so much a hold on and made me wait for 5 minutes and 27 seconds. When the phone was picked up, it was her again and said that she went to retrieve a fax which is far far away. Upon my further insistence, a Miss Malathy attended to me and claims that she is the team leader. When I question her whether I can maintain my present subscription, I was told that I had to forgo my sports package. That is totally incredulous! She claims that due to “repackaging” that is the only way. Now Cik Rohana, I was totally happy with my present subscription of RM64.95 which covers Sports, Variety, Fun and Learning packages. Then Astro decides to repackage certain channels, throw in 9 FREE channels and up the rate by RM10. And when I wanted to remain at the present rate, it’ll cost me my sports channel. Where is the fairness in that? And to add salt to injury, Ms Malathy asked me to write to you via We Care if I am still unhappy. So much for We Care! Lastly, it would be no less than a miracle if you actually read this mail. I am sure a misnomer functional would read this mail first and file it away instead of forwarding it to you. If you do, do give me a call and let’s have a cup of coffee over this. Like I said, the coffee is on me! A very very unhappy subscriber.

    Cantik baju you… kalau nampak kat luct, i terkam.. hehehe

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