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Haitus for Finals

shrek_fionaSorry for the lack of updates people, but I have about a week or so to complete all my projects for my final. So the blog (and my social life) would have to be put aside for a bit. Not to mention that I’m having my period (which makes me feel like I want to sleep all day) and killer cramps. So yea, frends, dont take it the wrong way when I dont respond or can’t join you guys going out. I will be back in roughly 2 weeks. I will cari u guys then. Promise!

Oh yea, my sister has this really cute ‘Shrek’ headband and I just had to put it on and also take a pic. Cute kan?

P/s: Happy birthday Jazzy! Sorry couldn’t make it to your party that day. I feel asleep while waiting. LOL!

Okay now, gtg! Muax!

Much love,


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