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Happiness in a tub

Do you know what date it was yesterday? It was the 31st of July. And that means….

31% off in Baskin Robbins for a pint, quart or half gallon. Yay!

I texted G because she was going to pick my youngest sister from school and asked her to stop by Baskin Robbins to grab a pint of icecream. Apparently she was already at Centerpoint Dsara. We decided to take 2 flavours : Jamoca Almond Fudge – ‘Java and mocha ice cream with a chocolate fudge ribbon and roasted almonds‘ and my favourite – Strawberry Cheesecake‘Cheesecake ice cream with cheesecake cubes and a strawberry ribbon’.

¬†Lousy pic coz we couldn’t wait to get our hands on it

Only RM 17 after discount. Best eaten when PMS-ing. Hehehe!


Well I had a class yesterday morning at 11.00 – 12.30am. Its Software Project Management. I think its going to be very boring theoretical with boring a lot of report writing. At least we start tutorial next week so Im free on Thursday.

Today Im having Ethics and Professional Conduct (sounds boring also), Major Project (a bit worried about this) and Concept of Modelling (sounds like fun).  Sadly, that also means 9am to 6pm class including 1.5 hr lunch break. *sigh*


Im also in the midst of a setting up something. We’ll see how it goes…


  • Jian

    Aiks~!! I forgot it’s the 31st~!! wuhuhuh missed out another month! U made me wonder on ur sentence “Best eaten when PMS-ing”. haha..

  • kaorichan

    though i do enjoy ice cream ( as any other normal person would ) i always thought that ice creams nowadays are a tad a bit too sweet. especially the expensive ones.

    what with the extra toppings such chocolate fudge,chocolate rice ,all sorts of creams.

    sometimes ..i just bought those ice potong. corn flavour or original ice potong.

    it’s nice to eat sometimes that can bring back childhood memories.

    its nostalgic. lol

  • IcedNyior

    Hehehe! Time for you to learn about PMS-ing since u already know all about bras :P

    true also. Most of the time i like just the normal vanilla icecream in a cone. Been ages since i ate icecream potong. I love the red bean flavour one…yums!

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