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Happy Telco New Rates (Mahal siot!)

For those who don’t know, Happy is a sub-telco of Digi which launched in 2007 and offers a very cheap flat rate of RM0.99 to any telco provider – including landlines (Telekom Malaysia), Maxis, Hotlink, Celcom, XPAX, UOX, SOX, UMobile & Digi. I wrote a post about it in 2007 and so did many other bloggers like MohdIsmail, Qai, Empithree, Manchurr, Mixterr & Khai.

Today, 22 January, Happy telco released its new rates. And its quite a shock to most people – in fact, I think many people are not even aware of it. Quoted from the website [Happy News],

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Happy is now HAPPIER with brand new call rates.

With Happy, you can make extra long Happy to Happy calls of up to 45 minutes anytime between 9:00am to 5:00pm for just RM0.99!

For short calls, we’re gotten even better with a super call rate of RM0.33 a minute to all networks! That’s way cheaper compared to our previous rate!

And you’ll be glad to know that SMSes are still RM0.10 to all Malaysian numbers!
The new call rates are applicable to all new and existing Happy customers. Find out more about these rates in our updated rate table and be HAPPY!

Don’t understand? Here’s a quick breakdown of the new rates

Happy to other telcos
RM0.99 for first 15 mins = RM0.06 sen/min
After 15 minutes = RM0.33/min

For Happy – Happy
Between 9am – 5pm : RM0.99 for 45 mins
Other times : RM0.33/min for less than 03 mins call

Lets do a bit of calculation. Based on the old rate, 1 call (which will get cut off after 45 minutes) is RM 0.99.

New Rate :
45 mins = 15 mins + 30 mins
= RM 0.99 + (RM0.33 x 30mins)
= RM 0.99 + RM9.90
= RM 11

That’s a 1100% INCREASE! Insane right? So are you going to stay with Happy or just let your simcard expire?


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