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Hawaiian Luau Party

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For my birthday, I originally planned to just have a small get together to makan2. I was craving for steamboat and hot plate so that was the dinner menu that night. Plus it’ll be easy to prepare, just cut up all the raw stuff, panaskan the soup/broth then let the people cook what they want.

But…….one week before that, the Ketua Puteri UMNO Cawangan Cyberjaya decided to go behind my back and plan a huge surprise. Worst part is, she actually asked my permission to a surprise – thus keeping me in anticipation and wondering the whole week! Not only that, everyone else was dropping hints about something big happening – even my mom!

table deco 1 table deco 2 table deco 3

The night of the party came – 29 September and the table outside was decorated in a Hawaiian Luau theme. The table was decorated with leaves and flowers. The centerpieces were two pineapples with fruits on toothpicks. Hawaiian music was playing from the speakers and the lawn had pelita all lighted up. It was really fantastic deco & theme, especially the music. It was a really nice touch (thanks Aree!). Watch the short clip below, when we were just about to start eating.

Food that nite was really nice. We had mee, meehoon, eggs, chicken, beef, prawns, taufu, soup, garlic fried rice, miso soup, chicken soup, sausages, fishballs, sotong, and vege. We had two steamboat pots, one with the chicken stock soup and the other with miso soup. I liked the miso one better. Then we also had a hot plate to cook the marinated chicken, beef & prawns. Everyone liked the ciken, it was reli sedap. I hv to ask my mom for the marinate recipe.

food1 food2 food3

After that was the main event. Pam and Aree were hinting about getting strippers during the past week, saying that I’ll love it, etc etc. True enough, I got a call from a guy who said he was hired to strip for my birthday and he got lost. WTF!! Not only that, he was asking what costume I wanted him to wear – fireman, policeman, spiderman!! After that, I was put on a chair and blindfolded. We managed to record the performance…

Macam sial! I was panic-ing that my parents would pull a big fuss if a stripper actually came and rupanya it was a performance by 3 guys frens. Damn i totally don’t like that “Fiona” song by 4u2c lah! It was a sweet gesture tho


After that we had the cake. I made blueberry cheesecake. Everyone said it was sedap but personally I think I should add more cream cheese next time coz the cheese taste a bit kurang. I totally forgot to take a pic of the cake before cutting, but lucky Pam & Aree sempat pose with the cake. Cam whores! Hehe!

When everyone was stuffed to the brim, we played a few board and card games that Ariff brought. Thats my newest addiction – playing board games, particularly Settlers of Catan which is basically like monopoly+Age of Empires in a boardgame format. Seriously addicting, ask Pam, Jef & Ariff. After playing a few rounds, people started going back home and then everyone pitched in to help clean up. Thanks guys! After that we played more times before Jef, Pam & Ariff finally went back around 9am plus. Yes! NINE AM….thats like about 12 hours or so they were in my house. Hehe

cardgames 1 card games 2

Thanks for the fantastic night. Thanks for all the birthday presents – (1) Marc Jacobs Stam Bag from Pam (2) Vodka filled chocolates from Aree (3)Salvatore Ferragamo Incanto Shine from Gladys, Afdzal, Fariz, Craig, Jazzy, Feli & Jeff

It was a birthday to remember which took a lot of effort from everyone (especially Pam). Thanks soo much guys! Love u all :* muaks!


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