haze haze go away

Its so hazy here in Cyberjaya, the smell of smoke is in the air and its irritating my nose. I keep sneezing. I hate it when my nose acts up :(

I have an economics test today so last night i studied for a bit before falling asleep around 10.30 pm till this morning about 8.30 am. Test is at noon and its now 10.23 so im going to go back to my studying. Wish me luck :D

10 pm
Test was ok…went back and lepaked around online. Found this test:

The What should I drink Test
Sex on the Beach
**You scored 50% Trendiness, 55% Girlishness, and 32% Sophistication!**

You probably haven’t experimented much past finding one drink you like. It says sex on the beach, but you might like any of the more standard mixed drinks. Your tastes aren’t as refined as Sinatra, Churchill and Hemingway, but those are old dead white guys anyway.

If you are a guy you are respectable, but should develop a taste for beer, its got vitamins. If you are a girl, you are a cool chick. You can get drunk with me anytime. You know what you like and you like to have fun. Screw those pretentious Martini drinking bitches/bastards in their cocktail dresses/suits, go for a shot!!!

written by LrdCheesus on Ok Cupid

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