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Help! Data modulation techniques?

I have to resend an assignment because it got rejected. Any data modulation experts in the house? Please answer the question belowIllustrate in wave forms for data “101001000111010011110100” by using the following modulation techniques:
(i) 8-QAM (2 bit ASK + 1 bit PSK)
(ii) 8-QAM (2 bit PSK + 1 bit ASK)
(iii) 2 bit PSK + 1 bit FSK

I answered it wrongly and got rejected :(( this was my answer. Apparently i made a mistake by combining it in 2 bits, not 3 bits but im not really sure if my wave form is correct in the first place or not.



Sorry if my blog was filled with question marks or chinese/japanese characters. Something went wrong with my Twitter Tools plugin – which I set to show my tweets as posts but somehow it got spammed or something. Anyway, everything is ok now :D


Im recovering from flu and fever which I picked up in Kuching on the 2nd day, been sleeping alot and swallowing a lot of panadol and vit c and other supplements.

Edit : I solved it…read the solution >> here <<


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