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Tutorial : Hide or encrypt posts in Blogger

If you have a blog in Blogger, you’ll realize that it does not have the option to password protect your posts like WordPress does. However, there is a way around it, thanks to Vincent which uses Javascript to encrypt and decrypt the text. Here’s a step by step tutorial (complete with pics. YEY!)

First, you hv to edit your blogger template. Go to Layout >> Edit HTML and find </head>. If you can’t find it, mark the box “Expand Widget Templates”. Then paste this code BEFORE the </head>


Next, you need to encrypt ur post and put it in your post. Go to this page, insert your desired key (which will act as the password) and also the text that you want to keep hidden. Press the [Encrypt] button and copy the encrypted text in the red/pink box.

Choose a unique_name and paste the text you copied from the pink/red box into Paste encrypted text here. Make sure the unique_name is same for both lines of the code below.

<a href=”javascript: Decrypt_text(‘unique_name‘, ‘Paste encrypted text here‘);”>Show encrypted text</a>

<div id=”unique_name”></div>



Your post will now look like this:

I hope this helps you a lot!


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