Holding on the the pieces of my shattered dreams of happiness


I hate (incomplete list):

  • couples who drift of in their world and leave the real world – and all their friends – behind
  • guys who expect me to the middle person
  • ppl who think there is something wrong with me coz im single
  • guys who are too freakin sensitive and cant take anything i say as a joke {that goes for u a**hole, i’ve blocked u in my MSN & ICQ coz I dont have the mood to layan your stupid karenah}
  • guys who claim they like me but dont bother to email me or send me messages {i’ve decided to stop contacting u till u contact me first}
  • love songs which paint an impossible view of love

I really dunno wat to say….
im currently feeling very down, but i wouldnt say Im depressed yet
I dont really feel like facing the world….sleep the whole day….dont really feel like eating also…
tomorrow…Sunday, have to go to church, put a happy mask on….no mood actually….
I’m going to KLCC tho tomolo…coz my sis wants to go see Simple Plan.


Current mood: Lonely
Now Listening to: “close to you” , Utada Hikaru’s version – why do birds suddenly appear, everytime you are near, juz like me, they want to be close to you.
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