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My holidays have been filled with sesi menembamkan diri, lepaking, movies, sleeping, outings, lepakings, gaming, catan and a lil bit of clubbing. I heard a laugh :P Seriously, I hvn’t been doin as much clubbing as before :P

After the exams, Pam & I went down to Putrajaya to help Sonic with her video project. She was looking for a secluded road to shoot her vid so we ended up on the hill in Precinct 1. It was a very secluded & scary road with trees all around. Anyway we wrapped it up pretty quick (it was the waiting that was long) then went back.



I still haven’t fixed my car :( Or rather, my parents haven’t gotten round to sending it and I don’t even want to  ask – it avoids any awkward questions. Hehe! I hung up this beaded Sarawakian handicraft – the one that looks like a bell in my car. Supposed to give to


Some of my nights have been filled with watching movies in the cinema or DVDs, lepaking at Rasta or Coffee Hut or hanging out at Arai’s playing games – Catan, Bang, Uno, etc :P



Oh, i managed to meet up with Grace when she was here for the UiTM graduation. Congrats on graduating babe! Wish you could have stayed longer.


On a personal level, things have been looking up. Im not sure how should I go about doing this. I know some people are skeptical. But lets see how this goes. Hehe!


Have a great week :D

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