Uni Life

Hostel Life

Goodness, i havent added stuff in here for ages! Anyway, I’m back in Uni…but finding it pretty hard to get back into the studying mood. But happy coz I have less subjects now and more time to do other things…like sleep, play and of course, study *groan*.

Juz got my PC back yesterday so life would be much much easier considering i’m now stayin in the hostel and it has internet connection..yippie! Been rather busy these 3 weeks. The first week was busy moving and settling all the registration stuff in the uni. By the second week i was more settled in and had more time to play around. *Hehehe!* On the third week I started classes but most were cancelled so I still have a bit of time to myself.

Anyway, my next class is at noon (monday) and it’s now 6 am on Monday coz I haven’t slept yet. Will yak more about my life this semester some other time.

Signing off ~CoconutIce

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