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How to avoid bad body odour

I had this friend who had bad body odour. It was so bad that we wouldn’t sit near him when we went out because we couldn’t really stand his smell. I spotted him wearing the same shirt two days in a row and so I asked him about it. He said “I only change shirts if I wear it for more than 5 hours or I do sports. Its still clean what”. I was speechless.

FUN FACT: The No Sweat Survey commissioned by Rexona has showed that 65% of Malaysians often joke about their friends’ body odour but the brutal truth is that they are actually serious about it. In addition, a staggering 60% of people would hold their breath rather than confronting one’s unpleasant smell.

I think that is quite true. We did joke to that friend of ours about him being smelly but we sort of laughed it off as well. Thankfully, he finally realized and changed. Perhaps someone actually had the guts to tell straight up to him. Haha!

In an effort to improve the public’s understanding about sweat and it’s consequences, Rexona organized a “Don’t Sweat It with Rexona” event where the FIVE main causes of sweat were explained in 5 different stations.

*note: for some reason I lost my photos in my phone and don’t have the photos I took at the event :(  Will try to get some pics up soon* Got the pics below. Enjoy!

(1) Sweat : The first station was a Kinect games station. We could play against our friends in a game by moving around. Light movement such as this is one of the causes of sweat.

(2) Heat : Next was a setup of two beach chairs and some props – floppy hat, shades, beach ball, umbrella – with spotlights. We played dress up and pretended we were at a hot beach while the crew took photos of us using polaroids. I really do like the idea of polaroids at events, it gives a tangible souvenir of your experience.

(3) Stress : Stress is one of the causes of sweat and two inflatable dolls were in place for us to punch and release our stress.

(4) Humidity : This station is one popular station. You could get a hand massage in a closed humid corner. The bad thing is, there was only one person doing the massaging so the line was rather long.

(5) Emotions : This is a little known fact but changes in emotions can also be a trigger for sweat. Rexona treated us to the thriller Dream House starring Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz and Naomi Watts. There were twists and turns to this story.

Short Movie review on “Dream House”: My warning is, don’t watch the trailer. It gives quite a lot of the movie. I expected a horror, but its actually more of a drama. The movie was just ok for me and I won’t really recommend to watch it in the cinema but a friend who watched really did like it so you’d have to make the decision yourself.

Rexona Shower Fresh 01 Rexona Shower Fresh 02

I’ve actually been using for Rexona for some time now. I currently like their ‘”Powder Dry” from their Rexona Woman range (left pic). It smells like talc which I think is really fresh. At the event we were given Rexona Women Shower Clean which “has an uplifting scent that keeps you feeling shower fresh and is proven to keep you fresher and drier longer” in both the roll-on and spray type (right pic). The scent seems nice so I’ll probably use it after my current one finishes.

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