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How to change the new Facebook Photo “Lightroom” Viewer back to the old version

Don’t you hate the new Facebook Photo Viewer that’s with that “lightroom” effect? I seriously dislike it a lot! Its so annoying and doesn’t enhance the user experience at all, in my opinion.

I found a simple way to walk around this issue. Can’t remember where I saw it la, some tech site I think.

Note : In addition to the steps below, here are more steps to help “remove” the new viewer

  • Open in new tab – In Chrome I tried duplicating the tab, it seemed to remove the lightroom effect. Haven’t tried on other browsers tho. This works on other browsers like Firefox
  • Refresh the page – Pressing F5 to reload the page also works
  • Chrome Extension – If you’re using Chrome browser, download this extension. <—best method!


Here’s how to do it.

1. Click on the photo and look at the address bar (the URL at the top)

2. Remove the text “&theater” & press enter

3. Then you…..nah, that’s all you gotta do Smile with tongue out

See screenshot below. Remove the highlighted words

change facebook photo to old viewer layout

And you’ll get this…Tadaaa!

change facebook photo to old viewer layout 2

Hope that was helpful Open-mouthed smile

Do you have any more tips on how to remove this? Will add it to the list on top


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