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How To Find a Good Hosting Company?

There are tons of hosting horror stories that I’ve heard from my friends.

First is from pakngah ( who hosting his blog on some Malaysian hosting company and they lost his database. Yea, all his previous posts and comments, all gone. Not once, but TWICE! I think that is the nightmare of every blogger. I can’t imagine how I would react if my blog disappeared.

Then I have this friend, Khai ( , who hosted his forum, blog hosting service and his own personal blog on a Malaysian hosting. He was sponsored by them. The bad thing is, their hosting is always experiencing downtime. And when their servers are down, all the employees disappear so the users are left hanging and wondering.

So what is a good web hosting company? Well firstly, find a company that is reliable. Google the company name and see if anyone has complained about it in forums, websites or in their blog. Then make sure that the company is established. Thirdly, look for a plan that suits your needs. Those are the basic three tips to looking for a good hosting company. You can google more articles such as “web hosting”, “creating a blog”, “what is html” and so on to gain more information before choosing the right web host. Good luck!

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