I embaressed myself a little bit today

Went to church this morning and fell asleep a few times during d sermon coz slept late (as usual….wat else can u expect from me? :P )

Met up with Icha & Resa at KL Central then brought them to Subang Jaya using the KTM to meet up wif Isla, Heidi & Debbie. Heidi & Isla’s cousin – esma – joined us. So the 7 of us went to Midvalley to shop (Resa & Icha) while d rest of us ate lunch. Debbie left us after lunch to go stay at her bf’s mother’s hse. Then we walked around Midvalley window shopping…well, actually its me window shopping and d others buying stuff. The only thing i bought was a simple wallet…costs only rm 8.90…hehe…but nice.

So before we went back, we were walking in thru Midvalley foodcourt and i wuz talking to heidi when suddenly i looked up and realized JLo like sitting on the table rite in front of me. I got really terkejut coz he wuz like rite in front of me and said to Heidi “Hey Jason Lo lah!!” And i think it came out juz a bit TOO LOUD coz he looked up and looked at us with a blur look to see who mentioned his name. He wuz like juz staring at Heidi & I….

I wuz SO EMBARASSED!!! I think he knew it wuz me coz he looked at me straight in the eye. LOL!! And heidi did say I wuz too loud…haha…Terkejut mah!!! Aiyah!! He wuz sitting thr eating wif this old european lady (i assume is his mom) and this other person (which i didnt notice…dunno if guy or gal). The moment he looked up and look at me i kinda cabut lari coz kinda obvious it wuz me…hopefully no one else around noticed *cross fingers*

Oh yeah..b4 i forget….a fren might bring me out Thurs nite but nothing is confirmed yet so im not really hoping…coz i dont want to wait in anticipation den after that tak jadi….like on Sat….so frustrating.
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