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I got my cheque from Advertlets

Yey! I FINALLY got my cheque from Adverlets. “But you have no ads on your site?” I hear you say. Well, last year, I had ads in my blog. First Advertlets and, some time after that, Nuffnang (this was before they introduced Glitterati & Titan). After seeing the rather slow trickle of money coming into my account, I decided to withdraw or cash out all RM113.52 of it and delete all the ads. The result was this ad-free blog.

So yea, anyways, finally received the money that I cashed out waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy back at the end of FEBRUARY. Yes! It took them 4 months to pay me (due to some error or another). Oh well, at least I got my cheque already. Now I can add this to my Travel Fund. Yay!

The question now is : Would I put advertlets ads in this blog? Well, most probably not. I do have it on my other blogs tho and its kinda slow. I still think that Malaysian Blog Advertisting companies isn’t a good way to get fast money. What can I say? I can make a minimum of USD5 on a 100 word post elsewhere :P


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