I had a dream last nite…do you remember?

I had this really weird dream last nite. Come to think of it, it was rather amusing.

First I dreamt that Erin gave me a whole bunch of little tortoise. Then i was wondering where to keep it – there was about 20 of those little fellows, all smaller than my palm – and they were crawling all over the place.

*then she faded out of the picture*

then i was in a car, sitting at the back of the driver’s seat. En Amat was driving and there was no one sitting in the front. Ong (a cute, sweet guy friend from KK) was sitting next to me. We were all juz talking. Then Karen (my ex-best friend’s ex-gf who absolutely hated me coz she tot i was going to snatch him away) came in and sat in front. Then Rachel (my ex-sch mate who turned out to be bossy & likes to exploit ppl) came in and sat at the back. Then we went to this place like The Curve and went to look for sekinchan in Starbucks. Saw him with some of his friends – his friends look like dah beranak 2-3 but he was still single mingle and alone.

*then i woke up, feeling puzzled at why I suddenly dreamt of them*
Oh yes, happy puasa-ing to all my muslim friends :D I love to go to pasar to makan :)

Oh, and a classmate invited me to follow her to balik kampung at her hometown in Negeri sembilan on Raya’s eve but the problem is i got to get a baju kurung.

Mana nak beli baju kurung ek???

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