i look familiar? you look famliar

I was at my fren’s place a few weeks back juz lepaking. Then his housemate popped his head into the room and was terkejut to see a gal thr (apparently my fren doesnt get much female visitors….lol) and gave me this nice smile & nod. Cute!! :D

Later when we were on the way to town, i asked my fren who his housemate was coz he looked familiar. Then he (my fren) said that he (that guy) mentioned that I looked familiar as well. Apparently he (that guy) is the member of this local band, Floppy Pop Flop Poppy.

Hmm…i wonder where I’d seen him before…coz i obviously dont kno anything about local bands…and I wonder where he’d seen me before. While i was out clubbing? Planet hollywood maybe? Juz lepaking?

Cewah….”celebriti” kata I nampak familiar….terasa femes jap :P {gedik kan?}

I was walking down the steps in uni the other day when this gal in front of me, turned around and juz stopped walking and looked at someone behind me. I thought nothing of it until I reached the bottom step and she tapped my shoulder and said, “excuse me, are you fiona?” and i replied “yes”

“remember me? im golda..from miri”
“err…no not really”
“remember grace? *i nod* we 3 used to be close frens”
“oh yeaa….no wonder u look a lil familiar”
“we used to play mud at the back of grace’s house”
“yeah and throw it on the metal water tank to see if it’ll stick”

then a few catching up..like whr she was staying and exchanging numbers

Honestly, i dont quite remember her…but she does look familiar :P


  • syark

    las week ago i also saw a guy dat looked vry fmiliar 2 me. agin, it was ANDY FLOP POPPY. i juz love dat guy.. unfortunately, i was so shy 2 talk 2 him. hey, he’s an artist. i’m juz a poyo gurl(my frenz say dat) who’s so crazy bout andy. dat’s why la… luckily, i was dare enough 2 ask “blh ambek gmbr x???”.muehehe….

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