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I made gingerbread cookies today

I’m very rajin to bake lately. HEhe! Made gingerbread cookies today…kept nibbling at every batch till i got so sick of it. I made like 4-6 yeah. I started making it at like 12.30 pm…haha..only finished around like 3 am or something….mmg takde kerja lain nak buat. Oh yeah, i sent some off to her coz she gave me cookies too…yum yum!

If u want the recipe, msg me or something. Malas ahh wana post it here

First Pic : Wet ingredients = Egg, sugar, molasses(treacle), shortening
Second pic : Wet + Dry ingredients = Flour, cinammon, ginger, salt, sugar, bicarbonate soda
Third pic : The Dough
Fourth pic : Ready for baking
Fifth pic : Fresh from d oven.


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