i miss all these food

well raya is over, bulan puasa is over. and most of all, i’ll miss all my kuih and makanan at the pasar ramadhan :P

  • Lompat Tikam – a Kelantanese Dessert which consists of glutinous rice (usually dyed red) squares of pandan pudding, thick santan (uber fattening) and gula melaka. Sweetness! but i think mine had too much gula melaka.
  • Yummylicious putu piring
  • Sata – something with fish (much like otak-otak) but has coconut or santan. Tastes a little sweet. From Terengganu. My ultimate favourite to look out for at every pasar.
  • Apam balik – a pancake filled with chopped nuts, sugar and some cream style corn
  • Akok (akoq?) a baked egg-based kuih from Kelantan.

Ah..the blissful joy of food…

patut la tak kurus2 gi :P


Goin to be uber busy. All major assignments due this week and exams starts on the 6th. Not sure if i’ll be able to go to the gath on the 5th but i’ll try (no promises). Oh yea…

Happy birthday JoePerantau~!! :D

(I hope i got the date right..kalo tak, memalukan jek)


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