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I want a tiger!

No, not a real one of course. The boyfriend and I were out walking around the RM5 shop. You know, those shops that sell really cheap stuff all from China and its usually very huge with all sorts of things from vases to toys to bags.

Anyway I saw this really cute and big tiger. I want one because I think it’ll look cool to put in my room with the black rug. He disagreed with me tho. He ask, Why a tiger? Its not even cute! Blah Blah! I said, i wana put in my room! Something like this (really lousy photoshop work):

My powers of persuasian was not up to top form that day. Or perhaps its really wasn’t nice. So, no, we didn’t buy it. :(

However, a few days ago he said to me, “Nah, here’s your tiger”

Its not as big as what i wanted, but oklahh…hihihihi

Am currently trying to fix my sleeping pattern so have been cranky and very sluggish and always sleepy at the wrong time and awake at the wrong time. Ahh!


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