I want my own house

Its one of my dreams to one day own my own house. Since I’m still unmarried, I absolutely would love staying in a studio apartment. All the conveniences and facilities like swimming pool, gym, sauna and security under one roof.

But once I have my own family, I would love to get a double story house with a huge compound because I grew up in houses like that and its very cozy and homely. Especially those like the ones built for expats where the children and pets can play in and I can host all my dinner parties and barbeques.

However, owning a house can be tricky, especially if the house is not new. The problem about getting a previously owned house is that there might be some problems with the previous owners like maybe someone forged a signature or perpahs there are some unpaid real estate taxes.

There is a way to protect yourself by going to a title insurance company. These title insurance companies will then process an insurance to protect against loss arising from problems connected to the title of your property.

According to wikipedia there are three different insurance a title company
can give which are for owners, lenders and construction loans. Never hurts to be safe than sorry right?

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